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Could Oxytocin Be the New, Natural Viagra?

February 13, 2013 Oxytocin and Sex, Research Articles Comments Off

Oxytocin May Improve Sexual Performance

It’s official: those men who are looking to improve their libido should forget about drugs such as Viagra. In fact, there could be a much more natural solution available to men who want to improve their performance in the bedroom. That new solution comes in the form of oxytocin. A study earlier this year found that the hormone, which is often referred to as the “cuddle drug,” can drastically improve male sexual performance.

A hormone with “Blockbuster potential”

Scientists hailed oxytocin as having “blockbuster potential” following the results of the groundbreaking study. The University
of California
 conducted a study on a married father of three who previously suffered from attention deficit disorder (ADD), which caused him to have difficulty maintaining social relationships. It also meant that he was having difficulty maintaining an adequate relationship with his wife.

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Oxytocin and You

September 5, 2012 Oxytocin and Depression, Oxytocin and Sex, Uncategorized Comments Off

Oxytocin is a peptide created in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, and acts as both a hormone and a neurotransmitter, rendering itself highly important for many physical processes in the body, alongside social and emotional processes and development in the body and in the brain.

Oxytocin and its role in the body

Oxytocin was first discovered for important roles in reproduction, including uterine contraction and regulation during childbirth, and the letdown reflex for breastfeeding. It has since been discovered to be just as important for human social function and anxiety reduction, and to form relationships and trust between members of social groups and for intimate relationships. In this way, oxytocin holds a great deal of control over our emotional responses to social situations, helping us to stay calm and content and get on with things. This makes it a very important hormone in the grand scheme of things, which is why it has been the subject of intense research since its discovery.

How oxytocin works

The whole system in which oxytocin works involves many parts of the brain and body including the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the brainstem and the heart. This makes it difficult to pinpoint its precise role and function, but what is known is that the hormone initiates a system similar yet opposite to the role adrenaline plays in stressful situations. While adrenaline gets us ready for the ‘fight or flight’, oxytocin calms us down and makes us more comfortable. Simple things like eating chocolate or sharing a hug release oxytocin in a normal healthy human.


There is little to dispute the positive effect of oxytocin in relationships. A paper published in 2008 in Biological Psychiatry showed that it can reduce levels of cortisol when couples argue, helping to significantly reduce levels of stress. This article mirrors a wealth of other reports which show how there is a definite positive correlation between oxytocin levels and amiability and content within a given relationship.

Sexual Implications

There is not a huge body of evidence to show any direct links between the hormone and sexual performance, and as of present the direct link between oxytocin and sexual response is not clear. There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest however that oxytocin has its role to play with sexual stimulation, response and function, and because oxytocin and sex are both linked so closely to emotional behavior, it comes as no surprise that they are both linked at least as an indirect positive correlation.

The things which can affect a healthy sex life are often the same – things like anxiety, communication, connection, trust and security. When there are problems with these types of things within a relationship, a couple’s sex life is often the first thing to be affected. Problems like this often produce a negative feedback effect, which further deteriorates the quality of the relationship and the happiness of both partners. The good news is that the links between all of these emotional and social ailments and oxytocin are proven, and so there are very effective ways to help improve your sex life if you think these things might be affecting you.

What can be done?

We live in a world where stress is more common than ever before. Fast paced lifestyles, employment stress and a ‘quick fix’ mentality are all acting to increase levels of anxiety and stress in people all around the world. The American National Center for Health Statistics released an MMWR report on depression among US adults, which has found that just under 10% of US adults qualify as under depression, and around 4% with major depression. This accords with antidepressants being one of the most prescribed drugs in the US.

How does this link in with Oxytocin? The more depression you experience, the more difficult it is for your body to produce oxytocin, and to experience all the benefits that this hormone creates. You are less likely to produce natural oxytocin when you are under high levels of stress, which means that oxytocin supplements can often be required.

Oxytocin Factor is a supplement of choice among many physicians and professional practitioners, with proven results in reducing stress and anxiety, and the many problems associated with them, such as sexual arousal and maintaining a healthy sex life. So taking oxytocin could be just the supplement you are looking for, with many people finding stress affecting their sex lives stating really positive changes when they take it.

For more information contact Bryan Post, Managing Editor of Oxytocin Central info@oxytocincentral.com or call (405) 476-1983


Oxytocin and Intimacy in Physical Relationships

June 20, 2012 Oxytocin and Sex Comments Off

There is an old R&B song that goes by the name of ‘Love Potion Number Nine’ and it appears to promise a solution to all that ails your partner in the intimate elements of your physical relationship – but is it all just a load of baloney? Apparently not!

There are a number of naturally occurring hormones – oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin – that help to govern how your body responds to certain situations and oxytocin has been shown to have a positive effect on the physical and intimate sides of relationships.

If, like many people, you’ve never heard of it (unlike the better known blue pill of ‘Viagra’), it isn’t an over-the-counter medication that is widely advertised. But as far back as 1994, two academics from the University of Hawaii (Elaine Hatfield and Richard Rapson) published a paper[1] in the ‘Encyclopedia of Human Behavior’ (volume 3, to be precise) that established a link between hormones, attachment and intimacy. Oxytocin, in particular, is released into the body during intimacy and touching, and is believed to increase the feeling of trust and attachment with your partner – often known as ‘love’ – it can also decrease stress and improve sleep patterns. So is oxytocin a real life ‘Love Potion’? And how can you get hold of it?

It isn’t as if the hormone’s properties haven’t been known for a good while, in fact it’s over a century since (Sir) Henry Dale[2] first discovered that an extract from the pituitary gland – it’s about the size of a pea, sits at the base of the brain and controls many of the important processes in your body; growth, temperature, production of urine and many, many more – was an important factor in child birth and the ability of the substance to contract the uterus and also to stimulate production of mother’s milk. Dale gave the hormone its name after the Greek phrase for ‘quick or swift birth’ and it is from there that it began to be widely known. However, it took some time, 1953 in fact, before an American biochemist, Vincent du Vigneaud, really analyzed just what oxytocin could do – and he, too, got a Nobel Prize[3] for his trouble.

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60 Seconds with Dr. Tammy: Intimacy Q&A

March 27, 2012 Oxytocin and Sex Comments Off

Dr. Tammy Tucker, Board-certified family physician and author of the book and the program Project Fabulous, has been practicing Osteopathic Medicine for over 10 years, and specializes in holistic health methods. This means that she takes a “whole person” approach to medicine.

60-second Q&A with Dr. Tammy about oxytocin and sex:

Q) How does oxytocin affect our sex lives?

A) Oxytocin increases sexual receptivity, counteracts impotence, and it helps us connect to our partners more deeply on an emotional level, while enhancing physical pleasure.

Q) How often would one need to take oxytocin to improve sex in older adults?

A) Oxytocin is released when affection takes place. Often older adults do not engage in affection due to underlying feelings of inadequacy with their aging appearance and lack of intimacy as aging partners’ health declines leading to the inability to perform sexually for many reasons. There are many factors, both physical and emotional, that must be considered in keeping oxytocin levels balanced in elderly adults. There is a clear understanding that all hormone levels must be in balance to achieve optimal sexual peak performance. It may be necessary for the elderly to supplement more frequently due to the multiple factors that lead to decline in these levels and therefore affect the overall balance.

Q) Will it help an individual’s partner if the individual took oxytocin?
A) The only person we can change or control is ourselves. Feeling love and trust towards another through adequate levels of oxytocin can drastically change the dynamics of a relationship. If both partners are balanced with their oxytocin levels this effect is magnified. It makes sense that if the other partner feels love and trust and openness to bond that everyone in the relationship wins.
Want to learn more about how oxytocin can help your sex life? Watch a YouTube Video, “How Oxytocin Can Help You: Dr. Tammy Talks About Stress, Intimacy, and Health


For more information contact Bryan Post, Managing Editor of Oxytocin Central info@oxytocincentral.com or call (405) 476-1983

Dr. Tammy Tucker Discusses Oxytocin

February 2, 2012 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin and Sex Comments Off

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted with Dr. Tammy Tucker, a Board-certified family physician and author of the book and the program, Project Fabulous.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in oxytocin.

A: I’ve been practicing Osteopathic Medicine for over 10 years, and I specialize in holistic health methods. This means that I take a ‘whole person’ approach to medicine. I believe that healing, like life, is a journey…not a destination. My belief in this holistic approach to medicine is why I’m so excited about oxytocin.

Q: What types of ailments do you see in your patients?

A: Wouldn’t you agree that we live in a pretty stressed out world right now? The challenge with stress is that the more we experience it oftentimes the less we do to reduce it. Pretty soon we can find ourselves in a pretty nasty pattern of not connecting with others, not having fun, isolation, and not enjoying intimacy. I see many patients whose complaints are oftentimes related to stress and specific hormone imbalances, such as oxytocin.

Find out more about how oxytocin can help you by watching this YouTube video, “How Oxytocin Can Help You: Dr. Tammy Talks About Stress, Intimacy, and Health

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One Reporter’s Experience with Oxytocin

October 13, 2011 Oxytocin and Sex, Oxytocin In The News Comments Off

Katie Drummond, journalist for The Daily, took an oxytocin supplement for a week. She writes about her experience in “The Oxytocin Diaries.”

Oxytocin for iPad?

October 11, 2011 Oxytocin and Sex, Oxytocin In The News, Uncategorized Comments Off

The Daily, “the first daily news, entertainment and sports publication created and designed from scratch for your iPad,” published an article yesterday about oxytocin and its effects on our relationships.

The US-based publication that covers events around the world, reported that more and more couples are turning to a hormone called oxytocin to save their sex lives.

Read the entire article here.

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