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Oxytocin and Anxiety

July 13, 2012 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin and Depression Comments Off

The human body is a complicated organism, linking a vast network of cells and vessels all helping to keep the body stable and healthy. The brain likes to keep healthy too, but the brain is also extremely complicated. There is still a great deal to learn about the most complicated object in the known universe, but we know enough these days to combat all sorts of problems that link to chemical production and reception in the brain, and there are also plenty of supplements which can be freely purchased to aid medical diagnosis and treatment. This article looks into the problem of anxiety, its effects, and a new candidate for treatment called oxytocin.

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Oxytocin and Introverts/Extroverts

February 18, 2012 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin In The News Comments Off

The issue of social problems, and not having good social skills, is often related to not being comfortable in social surroundings. For people who are perfectly comfortable in social surroundings, there is no need to worry and things flow naturally and smoothly, friendships are made, parties are remembered, and life goes on.

There are people that want the same things but find it difficult to be comfortable and act naturally in the same social situations. Even if someone wants to be in these types of surroundings, exposed to new people, interesting situations and the like, their nerves change their behavior and make them exactly the sort of person they would not want to meet! The irony is not lost on many people who face this problem, and while the problems are not always acute or problematic enough to be diagnosed as a bonafide mental disorder, the negative social effects can still be large.

Do you want to feel better? Can oxytocin help you stop worrying? Can it help you overcome anxiety and social avoidance? Watch our YouTube video, “No More Worry

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Dr. Tammy Tucker Discusses Oxytocin

February 2, 2012 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin and Sex Comments Off

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted with Dr. Tammy Tucker, a Board-certified family physician and author of the book and the program, Project Fabulous.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in oxytocin.

A: I’ve been practicing Osteopathic Medicine for over 10 years, and I specialize in holistic health methods. This means that I take a ‘whole person’ approach to medicine. I believe that healing, like life, is a journey…not a destination. My belief in this holistic approach to medicine is why I’m so excited about oxytocin.

Q: What types of ailments do you see in your patients?

A: Wouldn’t you agree that we live in a pretty stressed out world right now? The challenge with stress is that the more we experience it oftentimes the less we do to reduce it. Pretty soon we can find ourselves in a pretty nasty pattern of not connecting with others, not having fun, isolation, and not enjoying intimacy. I see many patients whose complaints are oftentimes related to stress and specific hormone imbalances, such as oxytocin.

Find out more about how oxytocin can help you by watching this YouTube video, “How Oxytocin Can Help You: Dr. Tammy Talks About Stress, Intimacy, and Health

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Oxytocin Is Double-Edged in Helping Treat Addictions

September 22, 2011 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin In The News, Uncategorized Comments Off

In the same intense way people bond with other people, they can also bond with drugs, and oxytocin plays a surprising role in both processes. It can promote addictions as well as hamper them, researchers say.

 Oxytocin’s well-known role in decreasing social distance can actually nudge someone toward using drugs by lowering their inhibitions to trying them, says Jim Pfaus, Ph.D., a psychologist at Concordia University in Montreal.

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Oxytocin Takes the Sting Away, Studies Say

If you want to measure a person’s generosity level, see what they do when asked to give away some of their money. Researchers who decided this was a good way to measure oxytocin’s effect on generosity found that the hormone – known to promote trust – made study participants more likely to share, possibly by reinforcing their trust that their own portions would suffice.

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How Does Oxytocin Lessen the Stress and Bring on the Sex?

July 5, 2011 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin and Sex Comments Off

Job pressures, commuting, money troubles. What do they have to do with sex?

Well, those are the stressors we need to get past to get in the mood for sex, and luckily oxytocin can help.

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Oxytocin Improves Social Experiences among the Shy

May 27, 2011 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin In The News Comments Off

If all we had to do was sniff some oxytocin whenever we needed a confidence boost, our daily lives would undoubtedly improve. But it’s not that simple, although the hormone has been shown in recent studies to improve social skills in certain situations.

A September 2010 study in the journal Psychological Science indicated that oxytocin helped people who felt shy and awkward to improve their social skills. Led by Jennifer Bartz, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, researchers found that oxytocin appeared helpful only for those who are less socially proficient.

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