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The Love Hormone Oxytocin and Aging

April 23, 2013 Oxytocin and Aging No Comments

Doctors will often tell you than the route to a healthy and happy life is to maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. While this is always good advice, the fact is that this will only go so far for people who have underlying problems. For people who have a temporary problem in their lives, promoting a healthy lifestyle is often the answer, for people with inherent problems, the only way to address them is with medical prescriptions and supplements.

Oxytocin diminishes stress to fight aging

Oxytocin diminishes stress to fight aging

Take hormone imbalance for instance. Bodily hormones are responsible for so many chemical processes which underlie the mental disposition of an individual, alongside many physical processes. Hormones are responsible for our growth, our mood and emotions, our sexual activity and health, the stabilization of our metabolism, puberty, reproduction, pregnancy and menopause. Thus, the endocrine system is crucial for our survival and health, and, because many crucial hormones are secreted in the brain, and our brain activity and response to external stimuli can affect hormone release, your mind and your environment are very important to the health of the individual at large. This makes tackling hormone deficiencies highly important.

Natural aging and accelerated aging

Aging is a naturally occurring phenomenon in all living things and, in biological terms, is known as senescence. As a rule of thumb, over time cells responsible for the organ tissue all over the body become less efficient at dividing and making new copies of themselves. They also become worse at dealing with things that can accelerate the aging process. The process of senescence is not inherent to all cells, and is determined by the underlying genetic information. There are genetic sequences at the end of chromosomes present within cells called telomeres. The cell requires the telomeres to divide, and so with each cycle, the length of these telomeres decreases. When these telomeres become too short, the cells cannot reproduce properly, and will begin to die. This effect becomes important from early to late young adulthood.

So, aging is a natural process and the result of a number of underlying biological mechanisms, with telomeres being one of them. This is not the problem, since the real problem is accelerated aging. Accelerated aging means that cell division becomes inefficient too early on in life, with the effects of aging such as wrinkles, poor skin condition, and degrading mental function happening before they should.

The link between oxytocin and aging

There are many things which can cause this premature aging, and a very common cause is hormone imbalance. Without the correct balance of hormones that regulate stress in the body (such as oxytocin), many problems can present themselves, such as the result of anxiety, a compromised immune system and lack of concentration, to name only a few. Oxytocin is vital for many things linked to social connections and relationships, and the effects of oxytocin release include comfort, relaxation and content. It is the hormone that makes us trust other people, open up and be intimate, and form healthy and long-lasting relationships, romantic or non-romantic. Without it, you are much more likely to develop anxiety and stress related problems, and this leads to premature aging. So, oxytocin is important in indirectly tackling the problem of premature aging.

Combat aging with oxytocin

While many women find that they need hormone replacement therapy when they get older, the factors that cause this imbalance are a mixture of genes and environment. Stress due to environment is one of the most common ways to upset a normal hormonal balance, leading to premature aging. The first thing you should think about is addressing the problems in your life which are causing too much stress.

No matter the cause of your problem, taking oxytocin as a supplement is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Oxytocin supplements can make you feel better, and feel better equipped to tackle the problems in your life that caused you too much stress in the first place.

Oxytocin Factor is a leading oxytocin supplement, and has proven results on the general emotional well-being of women who take it. It can be taken either nasally or sublingually (under the tongue) and, for the huge amount of benefits it has, including fighting premature aging, it really is well worth the price. Make sure you consult with your physician before taking any hormone supplement, to ensure it is the correct choice for you individually.

For more information contact Bryan Post, Managing Editor of Oxytocin Central info@oxytocincentral.com or call (405) 476-1983

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