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Holiday Stress Relief

December 13, 2012 Oxytocin and Stress, Testimonial, Uncategorized No Comments

Top Causes of Holiday Stress

10. Believing the Holiday will somehow fill an emotional absence that you experience throughout the rest of the year.

9. Believing the commercials on TV and in print. Marketers are trying to sell you stuff from a place of fear…You are no good unless you buy your children, wife, husband, parents, friends, the perfect gift.

8. Expecting your family to somehow be different because it’s the holiday — only to find that they are just as stressed out and anxious as ever.

7.  Seeing all those commercials of families, loving couples, happy children, etc. when inside you feel alone. For some, the holidays just point to all that we feel we don’t have.

6. Too much sugar, be it from cake, pie, wine, or eggnog, without enough protein leading to an ever- repeating party crash in your body.

5. Too much stimulation…too much stuff in the stores, too much music, too many parties, too many demands on your central nervous system.

4. Too much spending…knowing that you should follow a budget, and yet getting caught up in all the commercial tricks designed to get you to spend, spend, spend.

3. Too much rushing around…some people love that pace, but for many of us it’s just too much. Trying to get the shopping done, the parties, the meal planning, the traveling, the traffic, the crowds…the pace is just too much.

2. Too much cortisol!!! The stress hormone, cortisol, is overwhelming our brain during the holiday season. Our brains are in high alert with all the stimulation and demands — and cortisol is working hard to help us survive.

1. Not enough Oxytocin! Oxytocin is the hormone that occurs in your brain. Oxytocin modulates the stress hormone cortisol and creates internal calm and soothing.

Holiday Stress Relief

We have all seen the many lists of how to protect against holiday stress:  stay on your budget, exercise, eat right, get rest, plan ahead, keep your expectations realistic. These are great, but honestly, each holiday season I start with these plans and within a few days of being bombarded with the commercialism, my brain is completely hijacked by stress and cortisol.

So last year I did myself a favor. I was honest and said, “All this holiday hoopla is too much. It stresses me out, I feel like my brain is racing a hundred miles per hour, and that I am a failure because I cannot be the holiday queen maternal figure I desire! I want to enjoy the holiday. I want to experience the holidays from a place of joy and love.” So, I prepared by using Oxytocin Factor a new supplement on the market proven to reduce stress.

Here was my test: I went shopping armed with my new supplement. I took my supplement and my 8-year-old daughter and away we went to the department store. I felt only a slight difference. I thought maybe it would be like shopping on mushrooms or something. I really had no idea what to expect. Now here is the kicker…at about the 1-hour mark when I would usually have had my fill of the noise and the lights and the smells and the sounds and the “momma come look,”( when I would begin to get cranky and, eventually, downright nasty), something was different. I was still having fun. I was actually enjoying the time with my daughter and even laughed at the ridiculous advertising and the freaky talking elf display.

   I had achieved what I had desired,

I had enjoyed the holidays from a place of joy and love.


As if that was not enough of a gift…I continued to use my newfound, momma’s little helper, Oxytocin Factor, even when going to my parents for the big day. Amazing really! I was able to enjoy my parents and all their quirky annoying behaviors. I was able to listen to them go on and on about the state of our country and the doom of our future.

I was able to enjoy the holidays and my family just as they are and even feel thankful.

~ Kristi Saul, mom, business owner, and looking forward to the holidays this year!


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