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Oxytocin Helps Slow Aging Process

September 26, 2012 Oxytocin and Aging No Comments
It's never too soon to slow the effects of aging.

It's never too soon to slow the effects of aging.

Oxytocin and anti-aging 

We all know what the doctor recommends for a longer and healthier life. Keeping fit and eating well are two of the best things you can do to promote a long fruitful life. But there are many other things that should be considered when it comes to aging, both internally and externally, including reducing
stress and anxiety
in your life.

Your body will age at a natural rate, but often the process of aging can be accelerated. Living a physically unhealthy life in general causes premature aging, but many other environmental factors can cause just as many problems. Your brain is powerful, and if it is not in a healthy state, due to too much stress for instance, then the aging process can be accelerated significantly.

How Can Oxytocin Help Slow the Aging Process?

The problem of stress 

Until fairly recently, doctors did not know to what degree stress on the body could actually cause health problems, but now there is a significant body of evidence that links stress and anxiety to all manner of health problems, such as heart palpitations, digestive problems, muscle and joint pains, sexual problems, and headaches.

Aging is linked to stress, and you will age more quickly if you are under stress for long periods of time. This is not just a stab in the dark; there is evidence to prove it.

In all of your cells, your DNA is responsible for the coding of new cells when the old ones die. At the end of the related chromosomes are telomeres. Telomeres grow shorter with every cell cycle, and when cellular aging begins, the effects of aging become noticeable, because the telomeres have become too short to work properly. When this happens, the new cells won’t be as good as the previous ones, and this is the cause of aging for your whole body, from your brain to your organs, blood and skin.

The point is that there have been studies conducted in women that show how stress can speed up aging. For two groups of women, one group under longterm high levels of stress and  another without, telomere lengths within the first group were shorter than for the second group, with some cases having telomere lengths 10 years older than they should be. So the link between stress and aging is clear, but luckily there are ways to reduce stress and reduce premature aging.

What is Oxytocin? 

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain. Like most hormones it has a wide range of functions. It is important for sexual arousal, human bonding, maternal roles such as childbirth and breast-feeding, and romance and attachment. Oxytocin promotes feelings of calm, wellbeing, happiness and content.

Oxytocin is important, and without it, you are much more likely to suffer from anxiety, which in turn speeds up your aging.

So the key is to slowing down the aging process is to ensure your body produces ample amounts of oxytocin. Many women over the age of 40 become hormonally imbalanced, and replacement therapy by use of oxytocin and other hormonal supplements is usually the best route to take.

You might not have an imbalance, but too much stress suppresses oxytocin release dramatically and causes the same problems. We live in a fast-paced modern world, and too much stress on a day-to-day basis is becoming more and more common for women from all walks of life.

Even if they have had no problems in the past, pressure and stress can mount up, and the much needed effects of oxytocin disappear as secretion is suppressed. For these situations, non-prescription oxytocin supplements are also a good idea at first, to get your good feelings going again, which help you to address the problems in your life that caused the suppression of your oxytocin in the first place.

Where to go from here 

Oxytocin Factor is a leading brand of oxytocin supplement, and has an uncountable number of positive testimonials for combating problems like aging. Aging is a fact of life, but if you think you are aging too quickly, then stress is often to blame, so use Oxytocin Factor to remedy the situation.

Oxytocin Factor is a supplement of choice among many physicians and professional practitioners, with proven results in reducing stress and anxiety, and the many problems associated with them, such as signs of aging, sexual arousal and maintaining a healthy sex life. Many people are providing positive testimonials for Oxytocin Factor and its benefits.

For more information contact Bryan Post, Managing Editor of Oxytocin Central info@oxytocincentral.com or call (405) 476-1983

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