Oxytocin and Weight Loss

August 21, 2012 Oxytocin and Weight Loss Comments Off

Ask anyone who has tried on that dress or those trousers only to find that they no longer fit and immediately they go on the defensive – “must have shrunk in the wash!” People simply don’t want to admit that they put weight on, that the increasing levels of sedentary occupations and hours in front of the TV are related to the lack of clothes that fit. Mind you the retail sector is rubbing its hands with glee – clothes that don’t fit mean more spent on new ones.

But is the culprit our own lack of self-control, does our desire for ‘feeling satisfied’ drive us to eat more? A paper published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) suggested that help may be more readily at hand than we first imagined – but don’t anticipate a miracle cure, like some gastric band without the discomfort! It seems that our bodies produce a hormone called oxytocin and that this naturally occurring substance can provide support in reducing our intake – it’s not, though, an appetite suppressant.

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Oxytocin and Work Relationships

August 1, 2012 Oxytocin and Work Comments Off

You know how it goes; “He doesn’t work as part of the team!” “She’s a loner…” “We need someone who will work with others to deliver.”  These are all familiar conversations uttered in the working environment and all can cause frustration between co-workers at all levels.

But maybe it’s more difficult for some simply because their body isn’t programmed to respond to others in creating affiliations and relationships – perhaps a little ‘Dilbertesque’[1] but, if you follow Scott Adams’ daily cartoon strip, you see what I mean.

Since the early 1900s when Henry Dale discovered it, the hormone oxytocin has been cast in the part of being able to affect trust, bonding and even a disposition toward giving (being generous to others).  Fast-forward through the 50s to the 90s, and it has also been seen to have an effect in cases of autism and anxiety disorders so might this natural substance be both culprit and savior? Well, yes, and no!

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