Oxytocin and Anxiety

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The human body is a complicated organism, linking a vast network of cells and vessels all helping to keep the body stable and healthy. The brain likes to keep healthy too, but the brain is also extremely complicated. There is still a great deal to learn about the most complicated object in the known universe, but we know enough these days to combat all sorts of problems that link to chemical production and reception in the brain, and there are also plenty of supplements which can be freely purchased to aid medical diagnosis and treatment. This article looks into the problem of anxiety, its effects, and a new candidate for treatment called oxytocin.

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Oxytocin and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a rare but highly debilitating disease which is characterized by high and persistent levels of fatigue. It is not yet known exactly what causes CFS, but genetic, biological, and infectious processes may all contribute, as well as psychological factors such as stress. There is no test to indicate whether or not someone has the disease, and so requires a thorough examination of all symptoms by a physician before a conclusive answer can be given.

A review made by Dr. Afari and Dr. Buchwald in the American Journal of Psychiatry states that a single cause is highly doubtful, and that roughly a million people in the US suffer from the disease (1).

Before we discuss oxytocin’s potential for relieving symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, let’s examine CFS:

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