Oxytocin and Parenting

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One of the most moving experiences of our, relatively, short lives occurs when we become parents – and not just for the first time either. Seeing your offspring ‘live and kicking’, watching them smile, hearing them cry for the first time are all aspects of our lives that we cannot replace. Holding baby for the first time – whether mother or father, is when bonds that last a lifetime are formed. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t all go according to plan and the bond is harder to create – maybe it’s because the baby has difficulty suckling, or perhaps the mother is suffering from the after effects, sometimes it can be because the baby was born caesarean – but the impact can be dramatic.

Whatever the outcome bonding is important and when it doesn’t happen we all feel at a loss.  Is there anything that might be done to allay these issues?

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Oxytocin and PMS / PMDD

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Mostly, when people come up against problems in life, they most often associate it with not getting enough of what they need and what they want. Things like acceptance, appreciation, partnership and social standing are all things that we all grope at one way or another, and when we have these things going on well, it is easy to see why we want them, because our anxiety levels fall, and our happiness increases.

All of these social tendencies that we share as humans have their roots ultimately in the production of hormones in the brain, which all relate to one of the first neurological process we evolved to have; the reward system. When we do something right, we get rewarded, and we experience this reward with the brain releasing feel good hormones to signify that something has been done right. The brain rewards you, and is letting you know that if you want to keep on feeling good, you better keep on doing it right.

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