What Really Makes People Happy – From Oprah.com

January 31, 2011 Oxytocin and Depression, Oxytocin In The News Comments Off

How are you feeling these days? Like hiding your head under the pillows (and your money under the mattress) and saying “wake me when it’s over”? We’ve got something a lot better for you than escape.

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Oxytocin Improves Social Experiences among the Shy or Developmentally Impaired

January 30, 2011 Oxytocin And Anxiety Comments Off

By Maureen Salamon

If all we had to do was sniff some oxytocin whenever we needed a confidence boost, our daily lives would undoubtedly improve. But it’s not that simple, although the hormone has been shown in recent studies to improve social skills in certain situations.

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Oxytocin’s Role in Sex Spans from Start to Finish

January 28, 2011 Oxytocin and Sex, Oxytocin Underground Comments Off

By Maureen Salamon

Oxytocin’s ability to foster calm and secure feelings is apparently a perfect start to a satisfying roll in the hay.

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Oxytocin – The Neurochemical of Everything Good

January 27, 2011 Featured, Oxytocin Tools Comments Off

Oxytocin has been a favorite focus in my e-newsletter before. (Healing and Awakening into Aliveness and Wholeness at www.lindagraham-mft.net.) Oxytocin is the brain’s naturally occurring hormone of “tend and befriend” (Healing Heartache, Sept. 2008), the molecule of motherly love and attachment (The Neurobiology of Feeling Unlovable, Feb. 2009), the neuropeptide of safety and trust that is the direct and immediate antidote to “fight-flight-freeze.” (Stress and Trauma, March 2009) … Continue Reading

Scientists Test ‘Trust Hormone’ For Autism Fight

January 12, 2011 Oxytocin and Autism, Oxytocin In The News Comments Off

For decades, parents of children with autism have been searching for a drug or diet to treat the disorder.

Their latest hope is the hormone oxytocin. It’s often called the trust hormone or the cuddle hormone. And just to be clear, it has nothing to do with the narcotic oxycontin.

But some children with autism are already being treated with oxytocin, even though it’s not approved for this purpose.

Other related posts about the trust hormone.

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Reflections On Love, Part I, II & III

January 8, 2011 Oxytocin In The News Comments Off
This wonderful sensation was of course the hormone Oxytocin. It is an amazing and incredible feat of nature, with Joost latching onto my nipple the hormone was released into my blood stream further sealing the mother /infant bond and ...
Willothewisp - http://willothewisp.nl/

Where’s Oxytocin when Sonny Needs a Chance

January 6, 2011 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Oxytocin and Depression Comments Off

If you’ve got a young prince or princess in your home under the age of thirteen chances are you know who Demi Lovato is. If not, she’s the young starlet from the Disney show Sonny with a Chance, also recently linked to one of the Jonas Brothers in the tabloids. Recently this young lady’s career was derailed by findings that she had been cutting on herself. Known as self-mutilation in the mental health field, it is considered to be an addictive coping mechanism for depression and anxiety. Sadly, it feels like young stars that get sucked up into the Disney machine early in their careers are fast-tracked for a bit of future mental instability. Does Britney Spears ring a bell?

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