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Will Big Pharma Take Over Oxytocin?

November 30, 2010 Oxytocin In The News No Comments

Last night I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN and they were disclosing findings about pharmaceutical companies payments to physicians. According to the document more than $282 million dollars was paid out by big pharma companies between 2009-2010. A handful of the docs (43) to be exact were paid more than $200,000.00. Why are these doctors paid so much? Well obviously because they were providing such excellent quality care. NOT! They are paid to prescribe drugs that have not been recommended for the studied and approved purpose! That’s right, they are paid to prescribe drugs off label to children and adults. What’s this got to do with you? Well actually a lot. In the past month I’ve had at least ten parents report to me that their physician was not willing to write a prescription for oxytocin tablets because it was for off label use, thus too much liability. Horse shit! I think it’s more a matter of because they are not being asked to do it by a pharmaceutical rep who may or may not be educated (you don’t have to have a degree to be a pharmaceutical sales rep), but who most likely is backed by a large checkbook and has a passion for getting the doc to write more scripts. Why so passionate? Well of course because they too get bonuses and more pay, the more scripts the doctor writes! It’s a perfect script writing, money making storm in my opinion and the clouds ain’t gonna be clearing anytime soon! (Please don’t send me an e-mail about my grammar…I do it on purpose…duh!)

No Need to Be Anti-Medication, Be Educated

Now listen. I have no problem with folks making a living. In fact, the more the living the better in my opinion, but what I do have a problem with is hypocrisy. For those of you who have followed me for years via www.postinstitute.com you know that I am quite conservative when it comes to medication. I once turned down a pharmaceutical contract of $10,000 per speaking engagement to have the pharmaceutical company sponsor my presentations on attachment, trauma, and children. Not because I’m opposed to medication so much as I’m opposed to a pharmaceutical industry that is built primarily on fraud, spin media, and deception. The psychiatric pharmaceutical industry alone is a $13 Billion dollar industry and everyone with a child who has been traumatized and has had that child on psychiatric medications know that 98% of the time the script is a shot in the dark, 90% of the time ineffective, and another 95% of the time has to be changed, added too, or stopped because of ineffectiveness or side effects. Not to mention psychiatric drugs CANNOT and HAVE NOT been studied on children. Furthermore, if you haven’t read the Emperors New Drug by Irving Kirsch you should. His findings are shocking regarding the scientific evidence of the comparison of anti-depressant medications positive effects versus those of placebos…there is only one difference: Anti-depressants have side effects and placebos do not! Can you spell SCARY? Read the book and then go to www.peterbreggin.com and check out his work.

Oh Where, Oh Where is My Oxytocin

My final closing point? You cannot get oxytocin without a prescription in most instances, other than the places I mentioned last week. To see that article on where to buy oxytocin just go to www.oxytocincentral.com and even then you are going to be hard pressed to get a doc to write a script for you. I’ve got a couple of physician friends that will help adults and parents get scripts on my behalf for our research into efficacy but even they are hesitant. And what’s worse, oxytocin has no reported side effects in dosages that are proving to demonstrate dramatic therapeutic benefit 5, 10, 20 International Unit dosages sublingually. I was able to find a couple of research articles during my consulting work for an oxytocin supplement manufacturer that indicated that as much as 400IU of oral oxytocin did not cause any adverse side effects, and furthermore, a much lower dosage or the ones noted, were actually more effective than the much higher dosage! This is really an interesting hormone.

Anyway, that’s all for me. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember in addition to eating some really good food, remember to get lots of hugs and share some laughs…it releases oxytocin!

Breathe…it releases oxytocin!

Bryan Post, managing editor


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