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Oxytocin and Neuroscience

November 17, 2010 Oxytocin And Anxiety, Research Articles No Comments

30,000 neuroscientists and related professionals from all over the globe are gathered in San Diego, CA this week for the Society for Neuroscience’s annual convention, Nov. 13-17. On the agenda is new research into a huge variety of fields affecting the way we love, think, interact, deal with illness, and cope with disabling brain injuries. Among the primary topics of discussion is none other than our famed Oxytocin!

Neuroscientists are discussing the implications of Oxytocin on trust, giving, advertising and everything else under the moon I would imagine. Dr. Paul Zak, the neuroeconomist from Claremore Graduate Institute will be discussing his latest research on the implications of oxytocin on trust behaviors. Funny that we were just discussing Dr. Love in a previous issue of the Underground.

So what’s this mean for you and I? When the discussion of a topic gains the attention of neuroscience then typically we can trust, no pun intended, that oxytocin is about to gain unprecedented attention. I can assure you that major pharmaceutical companies are already trying to figure out how to more readily bring the drug to market for off label use. Even though it is now being implicated in helping with autism, depression, anxiety, and stress it is still considered not approved for practices outside of hospital settings and labor and delivery.

However there are currently some opportunities for getting oxytocin related products on the market. So let’s discuss what’s currently out there, how you can buy oxytocin and where you can get it.

How to Buy Oxytocin

It is widely believed that oxytocin cannot be dispensed without a prescription however this may not entirely be true. According to personal conversations with the FDA, natural occurring drugs like progesterone and oxytocin fall within a “gray” area. Meaning, because they are naturally occurring to the body they cannot essentially not be considered illegal when obtained. As long you are not claiming to cure, diagnose, or medicate a specific medical condition then the FDA can do very little. For this reason there are a few products on the market supposedly containing oxytocin that are available to the public. I’ll share them with you here.

Where to Buy Oxytocin

First of all, let me say this is not an endorsement for any one product. You need to inform yourself about anything that you take personally and always consult with a physician. However I will tell you that I have personally tried the oxytocin products here noted:

Belmar Pharmacy www.belmarpharmacy.com is a compounding pharmacy in Colorado that offers oxytocin tablets that can actually be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. They are able to do this through a patented absorption system. These tablets are pure oxytocin. After a single 10 unit dosage I felt a sense of calm and relaxation for nearly six hours. These tablets require a physicians prescription. If you can get your doctor to write a script (print off some of the articles and resources on wwww.oxytocincentral.com for their information) then you can order them from Belmar and they’ll ship them directly to you. They can’t ship out of the country though so if you are in Canada or New Zealand, as some of you are, you would have to have them shipped to a friend in the US and then have the friend ship them to you. These tablets are very effective. Taken appropriately they offer a multitude of benefits. I currently have about 15 clients taking them on an experimental basis. So far the results are very positive. This is not an inexpensive drug. A one month supply is going to run you about $100 per month and it is not covered by insurance.

HBC Protocols www.oxytocinaccelerator.com Oxytocin Accelerator is a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve tried it, attempted to get as much information on it as I could and have about twenty clients on it as well. It’s supposed to be a homeopathic formulation but also contains some amount of oxytocin which is an allopathic, which essentially means it can’t truly be homeopathic because the two cannot be mixed. On the other hand HBC states that their version of Oxytocin is a plant-recombinant version, so I’m not sure what that means to be honest. This formulation comes in a sublingual spray and contains a number of wellness, anti-stress nutritionals and is effective for supporting stress on an everyday basis. It hasn’t proven to be very effective for my clients with significant trauma but for those needing a pick me up this has been a nice little supplement. Most of the ingredients are relatively harmless and it comes at a reasonable price.

Get Oxytocin

International Anti-Aging Systems www.antiaging-systems.com this company is selling 20 unit oxytocin trouches (sublingual dissolve in your mouth lozenges) without a prescription. This also is a powerful product and from my testing it is legitimate. Break the trouches in half though and only take a half twice a day. 20 units at once is much too strong and the side effect of too much oxytocin is sedation! As you will find oxytocin is not cheap and neither is this product. A twenty-four day supply is almost $100 which seems to be about average, but considering the potential benefits I think it is worth it.

I am currently consulting with a nutriceutical company from Idaho that will be introducing a unique oxytocin formulation to the market soon. I can’t really say anymore about it, other than it appears exciting. I’ve got about 12 clients on it at this time, most with serious anxiety, stress, or depression and the results have been very powerful. I’ll report more on their product as their progress becomes available.

I told you I would bring you the goods on oxytocin and I’ll continue to do so each and every week. If you try any of the products above let me know what you think. OxytocinCentral.com or OxytocinUnderground do not have any ownership or financial interest in the above mentioned companies and their products. We simply want to educate you about this exciting hormone and it’s possibilities.

In the meanwhile, breathe, get a massage, or make love! They all release Oxytocin.

Bryan Post

Managing Editor

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